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Hi I am Meridith Elliott Powell: Speaker, author and business growth strategist. I have been presenting virtual events, programs and workshops since I started my business back in 2004.

Virtual events have come a long way since then – we now offer so many options from Live Streams to Webinars to Virtual learning and Training. Our new technology, studio and software programs allow us to create a truly customized virtual experience that fits your audience and your event goals.

I love presenting live, and the energy of the audience, so we work hard to bring that level of engagement into your virtual event .

But virtual is a little different – our programs are entertaining, engaging and, well, fun – but let’s be real – you need a program that keeps your audience from getting distracted and one that really makes an impact – gives you return on investment. The most important part of any virtual event is the content and the message. That’s where we’re different – we focus our energy on crafting a program that keeps you on the edge of your seat, involved at every level and motivated to do the impossible – Take Action.

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“Your energy, even in a virtual event, is so powerful.

This was a tough conference for us – thank you for being so amazing.”

Angela Daly

Meridith Elliott Powell is an award-winning author and keynote speaker. She has been named one of the Top 15 Business Growth Experts To Watch, Top 41 Motivational Sales Speakers and Top 10 Sales and Leadership Trainers.

Her passion is helping organizations, leaders and sales professionals learn the strategies they need to turn uncertainty into their competitive advantage.

Meridith also offers a robust library of training courses that includes her powerful Master Class for Selling In a Virtual World, and her cutting-edge leadership program for Building Resilient Cultures

Meridith brings her same energy and passion from her live programs to her virtual presentations. Creating a truly unique, compelling and memorable experience for every audience member.

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Meridith Elliott Powell’s Most Requested Live and Virtual Keynote Topics:

Emerge Successful:

7 Strategies to Redesign, Rebuild, Relaunch Your Business





The key to surviving any traumatic event that occurs in a business environment – like a recession, 9/11, or the current coronavirus outbreak – is the ability to adapt and thrive during uncertainty by facing it head on.

Meridith shows you through her proven formula how to pivot with her 7 strategies to redesign, rebuild and relaunch your business.

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Turning Uncertainty to YOUR Competitive Advantage



By anticipating change and proactively preparing for disruption, as a leader you can lead your sales force and the rest of your organization proactively through the ever evolving market place.

This shift in mindset will make your business stand out from the competition and Meridith will show you how.

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Sales ReDefined:

Virtual Sales Strategies to Engage, Sell & Leave Your Competition in the Dust


The way we do sales has changed. The way your customers buy has changed. Your sales team and sales managers need to understand that what made them exceptional at traditional sales now need to be translated to virtual experience.

Is your sales force ready to master the art of selling virtually?

Learn more about Sales Redefined

The Powerful Lessons of Struggle:

Your Path Forward, Your Secret to Success

Every person reacts different at times of crisis. What is important is the ability to overcome adversity during the times of crisis. As a leader, we need to recognize that it is ok to struggle.

There are lessons in it. In this virtual session, Meridith will walk you through how struggle transforms leaders, organizations and lives.

Learn more about Power of Struggle

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Sue wojinicki, sbe corporation

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