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Top 8 Business Growth Strategies

Every New Year, we share the trends and the strategies that will drive growth in the coming year. What specifically you need to be doing to position your business and your team to surpass your goals and reach new levels of performance. These are the SOLUTIONS that will create profitable growth in 2020 and ensure you succeed no matter what the economy does.

Meridith Elliott Powell


January 30 | 3 pm EST.

Turn these 8 growth strategies into your New Year’s ReSolutions to make 2020 Your Best Year!

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During the live webinar, we will cover what you need to set yourself up for business success ~ no matter what the economy does.


Welcome to the age of uncertainty, a marketplace where change moves like wildfire, and if you’re not prepared it will bury you. It’s time to get your head out of your business, and spend 30-minutes a month, brainstorming about what you see happening outside of your business. What’s going on with the economy, with competition, technology, etcera. Then use that information to predict the changes you see coming and take action. Invest the time to get ahead of the curve.


What is it like to do with business with you? What experience is your customer having while visiting your store, your website, your social media? What is your follow-up process and how does that feel to your customers? The better you understand your customer’s journey, the more valuable information you have. Valuable information to engage with your customers, create opportunities and more importantly, consistently improve their journey. In a marketplace where products have become commodity, the customer’s journey is one of your most powerful ways to make an impact.


In 2020 sales will no longer be just the job of your sales team. Everyone on your team is now in sales. In a highly competitive, highly commoditized marketplace, every touchpoint with a prospect and a customer matters. Your entire team whether they are in operations, accounting, or IT, needs to understand their role, just got expanded to include sales. Getting everyone on the team to have a sales mindset will ensure your customers are happy, feel valued and future opportunities are being created.


How our customers get information, make decisions and buy has all changed. Right now, while you have been reading this, your best customers, your top prospects have already started the buying process and they started it without you. They are googling, reading articles and talking to their friends and family. If your name is not coming up, if your business is not the one they are hearing about, then you are already behind in the sales process. In today’s marketplace, you have to build your reputation and create buzz about yourself. You have to put yourself in front of the sales process.


When I was researching my new book THRIVE: Turning Uncertainty to Competitive Advantage (due out July 2020), the one common strategy that today’s most successful companies share is that the CEO (not Human Resources, not an outside firm) owns employee engagement. Today’s most successful CEO’s took on the role of ensuring they attract top talent, develop top talent, and retain top talent. In today’s marketplace, the greatest competitive advantage you have is the quality of your team. To have top talent you need to own engagement.


The fastest way to grow your business in this economy is from the inside out. The better job you do of taking care of your existing customers the more they will tell prospects, and the more your customers will refer you. Word-of-mouth is everything in today’s marketplace. Prospects verify you, meaning they talk to your existing customers, they listen to what others say about your business, before they do business with you. So, focus your business development efforts inside first. The better you take care of your existing customers, the better they will take care of you.


Looking for ways to gain competitive advantage? Want to know what products to add? Wondering if your services add enough value? The best way to get the answers to all of those questions and so many more is to listen to your customers. This is a marketplace where the most powerful voice in your marketing and sales strategy needs to be your customers. Talking with, surveying, engaging your customers consistently is how to ensure your business remains relevant.


Online, in-person, social media or traditional conversation, what is the best way to communicate in today’s marketplace? All of the above. The secret to building strong relationships today is understanding how your customers want to communicate and then adjusting your style to better meet theirs. This is a communication revolution, meaning it changes constantly and there is no one right way. Success in today’s marketplace belongs to the professional who pays attention to communication preference and takes action.

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