THRIVE: Turning Uncertainty to YOUR Competitive Advantage

By anticipating change and proactively preparing for disruption, as a leader you can lead your sales force and the rest of your organization proactively through the ever evolving market place.

This shift in mindset will make your business stand out from the competition and Meridith will show you how.

In this high-energy, power-packed session, Motivational Speaker Meridith Elliott Powell shares the innovative strategies you need to redefine disruption, put you in the driver’s seat, and turn uncertainty to your competitive advantage.

Based on research from her newest book, “Thrive: Strategies to Turn Uncertainty to Competitive Advantage“, where Meridith studied nine companies (who started in the late 1700s to early 1800s) that are still thriving in business today. Businesses that have survived World Wars, Economic Depression, and yes, even a Pandemic. Her research revealed a powerful methodology for what it takes to navigate change at this level, to find opportunity in crisis, and how to inspire your members to move from reacting to change to driving it.

In this program, Meridith walks you through the steps you need to strategically move forward, proactively prepare for disruptions, standout from the competition, and dominate your marketplace. You’ll leave this session with a personal strategy that ensures you have what you need to stay razor-like focused, highly flexible and ready to turn uncertainty to your competitive advantage.

This keynote has it all – energy, engagement, and an innovative, empowering message.

Audience Will:

  • Hear about Meridith’s research-based 9-STEP Formula for Thriving in Uncertainty
  • Learn the powerful strategies that ensure longevity and success in highly volatile times
  • Learn the secrets to making the right and critical decisions that move your organization forward

Available as Keynote, Webinar or Virtual Presentation

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