I am so excited to announce that my book THRIVE: Turning Uncertainty To Competitive Advantage has just won the GOLD for the The Nonfiction Authors Association Awards. This is a huge honor on a labor of love that took more than two years to research and write!

Some of the reviews include: What makes this book especially refreshing is that author Meridith Elliott Powell–a well-known business expert enjoying a successful career–doesn’t promise readers that they’ll make a six or seven figure income by following a few seemingly easy steps. Powell transparently shares that she too has been hit hard by the pandemic. But her response to her own setbacks and challenges was to create a guide of how business owners can navigate uncertain times and keep afloat, whether a multi-national company, a mom and pop store, or even a freelancer. Using examples of real companies throughout its pages, Powell shares the genius, the perils, and the pitfalls, providing a summary of practical tools and resources any reader can implement to not only survive but also thrive through the uncertainty they may be experiencing currently and in the future. An excellent read!

~ Nonfiction Authors Association Book Awards Program

Thrive is the roadmap of how to grow your business and drive sales in highly shifting, constantly changing economic times.

It is the story of those leaders and organizations that have seen consistent growth through several economic crisis-companies that were founded in the late 1700’s to early 1900’s and they are still in business thriving today.

In this book we share their stories, their struggles, and tell you exactly how they have not only overcome adversity but thrived through it. Ready to learn more: https://www.amazon.com/Thrive-Strategies-Uncertainty-Competitive-Advantage/dp/1640952829


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Becky Bongiovanni, CEO, CarePatrol

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Dianna Oreck, CMO, Berkshire Hathaway

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Mitch Haber, Regional Director, OneAmerica