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Hey Meridith Elliott Powell, and I want to talk about leadership. What are you doing to really lead your organization into the future? A few years back, there was a great article in the Harvard Business Review about the role of the CEO and that more than 50% of your time needed to be focused externally. Looking outside of your business, seeing what shifts and changes are coming in the marketplace that could impact your ability to be successful. See change can be your greatest opportunity if you see it coming. if you ignore change, it is going to bury you. So you need to ask yourself, Where do you see the business in the next five years? And what shifts and changes do you see happening outside of your  of your business? Are your customers changing? Are your products changing? or how people buy from you changing? What’s happening with your workforce? What are you going to do if the supply chain doesn’t fix itself? What are you going to do if the labor force doesn’t write itself? What are you going to do if new competitors enter the market space? See, as a leader, you want to be focused on the shifts and changes coming in your marketplace. Now, while you have the time, the energy and the resources to focus on turning all of those shifts into a major opportunity, the one thing that we know is the way that you do business now, even though it’s making you successful in the current state, it is not going to be enough to make you successful long term. So as the leader and the CEO guide your team forward. Look outside of the business. Learn to predict the future and the shifts coming. And you’re going to turn all of this uncertainty into a major competitive advantage.