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Hey, this is Meridith Elliott Powell, and chances are by now you have seen the article, the research the Gallup is put out called “The Great Resignation”, and the fact that 48% of professionals today are actively looking for another job. Now, a lot of people find that statistic depressing. I see great opportunity in it. How many of you feel like you are losing the war on talent? I don’t have a single client that doesn’t need help right now. Well, the chances are your next great employee is working somewhere else. So you need to expand how you’re thinking about looking for and attracting employees. You need to be reaching out using things like the LinkedIn Sales Recruiter tool, and you need to be actively approaching employees that are working somewhere else that may not be happy. The power of that research that Gallup put out, is that close to 50% of people aren’t happy in their role. If you have a great culture, you have a great opportunity, Go to where your next employee is. Reach out to people who are working someplace else. Take a chance. And you’re gonna turn this uncertainty into your competitive advantage, and you are gonna win the war on talent. We’ll see you next week with another tip of what it takes to create a team as passionate as you are about the growth of your organization.