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You know, everybody is talking today about how difficult it is to attract talent. And believe me, I know there is a major war on talent. Pretty much every business I know is struggling to find enough labor. But what if you stopped focusing so much on attracting talent and at least focused as much, if not more on retaining talent? Why are employees leaving you? Why do you have turnover? Well, there are a multitude of reasons, but one of the biggest I believe, is because they don’t see a future for themselves. Why should they engage or stay longer than two or three years when they don’t see a future for themselves? So what you need to do is help people understand that there is opportunity in your business. Even if your business is flat, there still is opportunity to grow, to learn and to expand. You need to let people know that you’re investing in them. If you want them to invest in your business. I don’t care if you’re a small operation or a major Corporation. There’s always room for growth and advancement. What people want in today’s environment is to know that their company cares, that knows that their company is listening and is interested in them. So when is the last time you sat down, at least with your top employees and ask them, where are they going? What do they want to learn? What do they want to know? Even if you don’t have an advanced promotion opportunity for them, they can still grow and learn. And if people are growing and learning, they are going to stay with you. All right. We’ll see you next week with another tip on leadership and succession. And Together, we’re going to turn all of this uncertainty into your major competitive advantage.