Hey Meridith Elliott Powell And this week I’m talking leadership. And when you can’t talk about leadership, unless you talk about the communication. How good are you at communication? What does it even mean to be good at communication? Well, number one is communication is about getting people to understand that’s right? I didn’t say that It’s about getting your message across. Did people understand it? The second is, are they motivated to take action? Because what good is communicating if people don’t want to take action on what you said. And last, but not least, have you made them care? Can you communicate in a way that is emotionally connecting with them? That’s your challenge on the table this week. Use communication and get better at being a communicator by ensuring that the people you’re communicating with, have heard you. They understand what you’re saying. You have answered the most important question in leadership, and that’s why. Make sure that they’re motivated to take action, that it makes sense to them and they want to move behind what you said. And last but not least, emotionally connect. Make them care. If you do that, you’re going to become a powerful leader, and you are going to turn all of this uncertainty into major competitive advantage. I’ll see you next week.