The Powerful Lessons of Struggle: Your Path Forward, Your Secret to Success

Confidence, Hustle, Drive – what do those words have in common? They are the essence of the most successful among us. Traits gained when you have the depth and courage to do whatever it takes. Imagine having the power to push through any obstacle. The resilience to overcome any crisis. And the creativity and endurance to thrive in the face of adversity.

To emerge successfully from struggle demands you turn excuses into solutions, and you dare to “go for it” and fly with “no-net.” The struggle is the best teacher. Better than any leader, coach, or mentor. But only when you embrace it. Understand the powerful lessons in it. And you’re willing to commit to going the distance.

Join us for this power-packed session, where keynote speaker Meridith Elliott Powell, will walk you through the ground-breaking research on how struggle transforms leaders, organizations, and lives.

No walking on coals, no breaking boards, just the proven strategies you need to find the path forward and turn to struggle to success.

Audience Will:

  • Hear the Powerful statistics of how struggle expands learning and creates opportunity
  • Learn the Secrets to building a confident mindset that fuels curiosity and discovery
  • Receive 5 Proven strategies for emerging successfully from crisis
  • Learn The facts as to why businesses survive, and some don’t
  • Receive Customized plan of action to overcome struggle & find the path forward

Available as Webinar or Virtual Presentation

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