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You know. So I have been thinking, this is Meridith Elliott Powell by the way. that I’m always shooting these videos about leadership and succession planning from the perspective of the CEO, the manager or the C-Suite member. But this week I’m going to shoot a video that it’s about you, the individual. because you know, the truth is, nobody cares more about your career than you do. So why don’t you put yourself in the driver’s seat and 100% in control of how far you go in your organization and your industry. Quit waiting for somebody to tap you on the shoulder and tell you what your next opportunity is. You need to start thinking about what can you do to really control how far you go and how long it’s going to take you to get there. So if you are thinking it’s about time for you to move up the corporate ladder, you need to start climbing right now. And this is the strategy I want you to put into place. First, determine where you want to go. Now, I know it isn’t always a position that we know. But what are some things you’d like to learn and grow? Or maybe there is another opportunity in your company you want. Once you determine that, I want you to go to your supervisor, your boss, whoever you report to, and ask if you can have a one to one conversation. Just a simple one to one conversation. Then take charge. As you go into that meeting, let your boss know that you have been thrilled with the opportunities you have been given in the company and you’re excited about future opportunities. Let them know where you see yourself in the next year or a couple of years. And then ask them what you need to do to get there. Let them know the things that you’ve been working on, the things that you’ve done. But ask if I want to wind up in this seat. What is it that you need to see from me? That simple strategy has done a couple of things. Number one, you’ve raised your hand and let them know you want opportunity. Number two, you’ve taken the determination of how fast and how far you move out of their hands and put it into your own hands, because now you know the rules. You know what it’s going to take to put yourself in the driver’s seat and 100% in charge of your own career. So what are you waiting for? Go out there and do it. All right. This is Meridith Elliott Powell I’ll see you next week with another tip of what you need to do to turn all of this uncertainty into a major competitive advantage.