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  • Contact To Close: Follow-up Strategies Guaranteed To Close More Sales

    The sale happens in the follow-up. In today's high-tech, over-crowded marketplace you have to stay in the game to close the sale. What do you think the chances are that you are going to call on a customer at the exact time they are ready to buy? Slim to none right? Without a powerful follow-up sales strategy you will struggle to hit your goals, and close the deals. In this course we not only show you the power of follow-up, we outline the exact strategies you need, and put together your personal follow-up system. We'll cover:
    • Proven strategies for building your customized follow-up system
    • Structured techniques for using follow-up to gain competitive advantage
    • Secrets to taking the headache out of follow-up, making it a smooth and easy process
    • Powerful tools for leveraging follow-up to drive referrals and increase results
    • The Cutting-edge guide to using your time effectively – knowing who to follow-up with, who to let go, and who is most likely to buy
    • You’ll get the tools, the scripts, the templates to create your power-paced follow-up sales system
  • When your client is a professional expert—such as a doctor, accountant, or architect—you'll need more than just basic sales know-how to close the deal. To win over these highly educated buyers, you must clearly demonstrate your own credibility and expertise. In this course, Meridith Elliott Powell helps to equip sales professionals with the skills and knowledge they need to sell into the professional services market and increase their close ratio. Meridith lays out what makes this market so unique, reviews the different structures of professional service firms, and goes over the right questions to ask to gather the information you need. Plus, she shares how to start selling to similar professional services once you've broken into an initial market.

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