Contact To Close: Follow-up Strategies Guaranteed To Close More Sales

The sale happens in the follow-up. In today's high-tech, over-crowded marketplace you have to stay in the game to close the sale. What do you think the chances are that you are going to call on a customer at the exact time they are ready to buy? Slim to none right? Without a powerful follow-up sales strategy you will struggle to hit your goals, and close the deals. In this course we not only show you the power of follow-up, we outline the exact strategies you need, and put together your personal follow-up system. We'll cover:
  • Proven strategies for building your customized follow-up system
  • Structured techniques for using follow-up to gain competitive advantage
  • Secrets to taking the headache out of follow-up, making it a smooth and easy process
  • Powerful tools for leveraging follow-up to drive referrals and increase results
  • The Cutting-edge guide to using your time effectively – knowing who to follow-up with, who to let go, and who is most likely to buy
  • You’ll get the tools, the scripts, the templates to create your power-paced follow-up sales system