What if you could thrive in the uncertainty of any market challenge?

What if you could know the answers that ensure no matter what this economy does, your business, your organization, your team and YOU succeed?

Today’s marketplace is changing at rapid speed: competition, technology, employees, customers, everything is different. It’s a challenge just to keep up. Then, just when you think you have it figured out, the rules change.

Thriving in Uncertainty is the show where you hear the inspiring stories of how everyday business professionals forged unconventional paths to success. Learn new insights from business thought leaders and visionaries who made dramatic gains in self-awareness, discovered breakthrough new strategies or blazed whole new trails that shifted and transformed the ways to succeed in today’s economy. In the ever changing, uncertain, crazy rollercoaster of the world of business, you can thrive in ways you may never have imagined before.

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Latest Episodes

  • Go For No!: How Courage, Failure, and Rejection Can Catapult Your Career & Your Life
    Published: 09-11-2019 | Length: 48:22

    For many of us who own a business, are building a sales force, or struggle to win new clients the word no is the biggest obstacle to success. One of the biggest reasons we give up or lower our expectations. If you’re ready to learn to get past the word no and actually use failure and rejection as valuable strategies you need to propel you forward. Then join us for this episode of Thriving In Uncertainty, where we talk to best-selling author Andrea Waltz. We’ll discuss her ground-breaking research, and if yes is the destination why no is the path to get there.

    About Our Guest:

    Andrea Waltz is the co-author of Go for No! Yes is the Destination, No is How You Get There.  Along with her husband and business partner Richard Fenton, she has made her mission to liberate people from fears of failure and rejection, sharing an entire new mindset about hearing the word NO.  They have spoken all over the US and the UK teaching the ‘Go for No’ strategies – having been embraced by people in a wide variety of industries and businesses to rave reviews and amazing results. Andrea’s book hit #1 on Amazon’s “Selling” list and has remained in the top 20 of ‘Sales’ books for over the last 9 years. 

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  • Cracking the Curiosity Code: The Key to Unlocking Human Potential
    Published: 09-11-2019 | Length: 48:14

    What is holding today’s organizations back from reaching their full potential? What blocks individuals and employees who know they can achieve more from actually doing it? What is the next movement to enhance human performance? In this episode, Dr. Diane Hamilton helps us answer these questions and so much more. She’ll help us understand the importance of curiosity and the four factors that prevent it and actually hold us back. We’ll cover her ground-breaking research, and what you can do to begin the journey to unleash your full potential.

    About Our Guest:

    Dr. Diane Hamilton is the Founder and CEO of Tonerra, a nationally syndicated radio host, keynote speaker, and the former MBA Program Chair at the Forbes School of Business. She is the author of multiple books including Cracking the Curiosity Code: The Key to Unlocking Human Potential and the creator of the Curiosity Code Index® assessment. Her ground-breaking work in the area of curiosity is required reading in universities around the world and has been endorsed by some of the biggest names in leadership.

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  • The 5 Rings -The Five Essential Leadership Traits For Today’s Leaders
    Published: 09-11-2019 | Length: 47:43

    What does it take to lead in the age of uncertainty? What skills are most important? What leadership traits most effective? And how do the most successful among us allocate their time and resources? Join us for this week’s episode of Thriving In Uncertainty – where guest Jim Bouchard will walk us through his leadership movement – his strategies and ideas for what today’s marketplace is craving from its leaders, and exactly what you need to do to rise to the occasion. This is a content-packed show, based on several books Jim has written, including his latest – 5 Rings – The Five Essential Tactics For Today’s Leaders.

    About Our Guest:

    Jim Bouchard is an internationally recognized speaker, Leadership Activist, and founder of The SENSEI LEADER Movement ™. He provides interactive keynotes and leadership programs for corporate and conference audiences around the world. Jim is a seasoned media guest, and appears regularly on TV and radio, including such programs as BBC Worldview and FOX News. He hosts Walking The Walk, a leadership podcast highlighting compassionate, engaged leaders from all areas of business, diverse cultures and experiences.

    He is a 2004 inductee to the U.S. Martial Arts Hall of Fame and was twice featured in "Inside Kung Fu"magazine.

    ​Jim is a volunteer mentor for incarcerated youth, an obsessive golfer and surf guitar player. In 2016 Jim was nominated to run for Congress.

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  • 15 Ways To Grow Your Business In Any Economy
    Published: 09-11-2019 | Length: 47:33

    Do you want to grow your business in every economic environment? Is your business stuck? Would you like to move forward? Do you want 15 ideas on how to be more profitable? Then join us for this episode of Thriving In Uncertainty when we talk with renowned leadership expert and economist Dr. Mary Kelly. She will share the insights you need to know about this shifting marketplace, and gives you strategies you need to succeed no matter what this economy does.

    About Our Guest:

    Mary Kelly, PhD is an economist and best-selling author specializing in business and leadership development to improve efficiency and profits. 

    A graduate of the US Naval Academy, Mary spent 21 years on active duty, achieving the rank of Commander. She has trained over 40,000 military and civilian personnel in multi-cultural environments all over the world. She now builds successful strategies for corporate and association leaders.

    She has been quoted by the Wall Street Journal, Money Magazine, Entrepreneur, Men’s Health, and other periodicals.  Fun and funny, Mary is a college professor, international speaker, and author of award-winning leadership books.

    Mary’s workshops are content-rich, enjoyable, and tailored to meet the needs of each audience.

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  • Leading in the Age of Uncertainty
    Published: 09-11-2019 | Length: 49:36

    Competition, customers, the economy – everything is changing in today’s marketplace, and it’s changing fast. To lead in today’s marketplace takes a new approach and a very different type of leader.

    Join us for this week’s episode of Thriving in Uncertainty where we will discuss “Leading in the Age of Uncertainty”, a show where globally renowned author Bill Treasurer and Retired Navy Seal Captain John Havlik join us to talk about what it takes to strategically lead and grow an organization today. We’ll talk about the biggest leadership flaw and how you can avoid it. Listeners will gain insight into both civilian and military leadership experiences and real knowledge about why some leaders go bad and how you can avoid their mistakes.

    About Our Guests:

    Bill Treasurer is founder and Chief Encouragement Officer at Giant Leap Consulting (GLC), a courage-building company that exists to help people and organizations live more courageously. 

    Bill is considered the originator of the new organizational development practice of “courage-building”. Bill is the author of the internationally bestselling book, Courage Goes to Work. The book provides practical strategies for inspiring more courageous behavior in workplace settings. In 2009, the book became the 6th bestselling management book … in China.

    Bill holds a Master of Science degree from the University of Wisconsin and attended West Virginia University on a full scholarship. He is currently the past chairman of Leadership Asheville, a community-based leadership program and served on the board of his local YMCA. Most importantly, he is the father of three beautiful children, Alex, Bina, and Ian.

    Connect with Bill through social media: Facebook (http://facebook.com/bill.treasurer), Twitter (@btreasurer), and LinkedIn (www.linkedin.com/in/courage). 

    CAPT John "Coach" Havlik, U. S. Navy (Retired), is the CEO of JRH Consulting, offering individual/team consulting on building and leading high-performance teams. He is also the Special Advisor for Giant Leap Consulting. He retired in 2014 after 31+ years of distinguished military service, 29 of those years in the Naval Special Warfare (SEAL) community. 

    John graduated from West Virginia University with a B.S. in Business Administration (Accounting). He was a 4-year swimming letterman, and his career was highlighted by being the first swimmer in school history to qualify for the U.S. Olympic Swimming Trials (1980), qualifying for the NCAA Division 1A Swimming Championships (3 times), and serving as tri-captain of the first undefeated men’s swim team in school history his senior year. He was inducted into the WVU Sports Hall of Fame in 2017. In 2018, John became the first former WVU male swimmer selected for the Mountaineer Legends Society, WVU’s version of a sports Ring of Honor.

    John enlisted in the Navy in 1982, and was subsequently assigned to the U. S Naval Academy as a swim coach/physical education instructor. He was later commissioned as a naval officer via Officer Candidate School in 1984. He successfully completed Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL (BUD/S) training in 1985. His subsequent military assignments included a full range of duties in the SEAL community, to include the elite Naval Special Warfare Development Group. He commanded several times, and completed numerous deployments in key leadership positions to named and contingency operations around the world during his career. 

    While in the Navy, John completed graduate studies at the Naval War College in Newport, RI, receiving a M.A. in National Security and Strategic Studies.

    Connect with John through social media: website: www.coachhavlik.com, Twitter (@coachhavlik), and LinkedIn (www.linkedin.com/in/john-r-havlik).

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Interview with Meridith Elliott Powell

Thrive in Uncertainty

Vision, Strategy, Execution

Competitive, challenging and constantly shifting – that is today’s marketplace! To grow and compete you need a new set of strategies a new approach. You need to see the big picture. Understand external trends. Implement strategy with one-hand tied behind your back.

Success belongs to the professional who is ready to buck the status quo. One who sees change as an opportunity rather than a threat. The professional who can balance razor-like focus with the flexibility to leverage uncertainty.

It’s time – Courageously ask the hard questions. Increase your agility. Redefine then claim your position in the marketplace

Contact Meridith

We Will Discuss

  • The innovative secrets to thriving in uncertainty

  • Powerful strategies to anticipate change to create opportunity

  • Cutting-edge tactics increase your value in the marketplace

  • Proven strategies for accelerating growth and gaining competitive advantage

  • Vigorous plan for flawless execution

Meridith’s Introduction

Meridith Elliott Powell has been Voted one of the Top 15 Business Growth Experts to watch by Currency Fair, a Top Sales Expert to Follow by LinkedIn, and one of the Top 41 Motivational Speakers alongside some of the best in the business. Meridith Elliott Powell is an award-winning author, keynote speaker, and business strategist. With a background in corporate leadership and sales, her career expands over several industries including banking, healthcare, and finance. Meridith worked her way up from entry-level to earn her position in the C-Suite. She is a Master Certified Strategist, Executive Coach and Certified Speaking Professional, a designation held by less than twelve percent of professional speakers. In addition, Meridith is an invitation-only author for LinkedIn, having published more than six courses on their prestigious education networks. She is the author of five books, including Winning In The Trust & Value Economy (a finalist in the USA Best Book Awards) and her latest “Own It: Redefining Responsibility – Stories of Power, Freedom & Purpose (named Top 50 Sales Book for 2018) about how to build cultures the inspire ownership at every level to create profits at every turn.

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Gold Certified Business Growth Strategist – Meridith Elliott Powell
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