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On the biggest challenges facing leaders today – change and uncertainty.

Ready to learn what it takes to turn uncertainty to competitive advantage? Ready to feel in control in the face of change? Ready to get all of your questions answered about what it takes to succeed in business today?

Then join us June 24th at 4 EST, where we will be talking change, uncertainty and learning from today’s leading experts on how to tackle and conquer the shifts happening in the marketplace.

On June 24th at 4 pm EST we are going live on LinkedIn, Youtube, and Facebook and covering topics ranging from strategy and sales to leadership and technology. Have a question? A topic you want covered? We want you involved in this livecast. Simply submit your question here, and chances are we will cover it live on June 24th!

Mark your calendars now, submit your questions and plan to be there! Together we are going to turn all of this uncertainty into your competitive advantage!

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