Hey this is Meridith Elliott Powell and this week, I want to talk about the most important question in leadership. It’s the most important question that you need to listen to as a leader. You get this question right and people will follow you, even when they don’t agree with you. That question is “why”. as leader, the first thing you need to understand is why people feel, think and act of the way they do. They’re not doing things to you or to organization. People think and feel and act in a way that’s serve themselves. It’s just human nature. So the first thing that you you need to do is understand the “WHY”. Why are they resisting making sales calls? Why are they resisting coming back to the office? and you’re probably going to find that there are some pretty logical or at least fear based reasons. They feel the way they do and then once you understand their “why”, you need to help them understand your “why”. Listen, leadership is full of making decisions that are tough. It’s not easy.

We constantly asking people to do things, but they’re not sure they want to do or pushes them out of their comfort zone. But if they understand your “why”, They are more likely to do that. If you need people to make more sales calls, explain to them we’re not hitting our numbers. And if we don’t hit our numbers, we can’t invest in the technology that we need to take this organization forward. need people to come back into the office right now or do face to face things? let them know why you’re asking them to do that. If you understand working from home has been great, but you need to invest in your culture as a major reason that you need
to come into the office right now. Whatever it is as a leader, answer the most important question, that question is “WHY”.