linked-inA colleague of mine just called to say thank you! She tuned in to my interview with Yuhannes Watts, LinkedIn Expert, where he shared his tips, ideas and strategies to Brand Yourself As The Go To Expert In Your Field. If you missed it, not a problem, I have attached the download for you, make sure to turn in because Yuhannes Watts’ session gives you important information on how to create a powerful LinkedIn profile that separates you from your competition.

A self-taught master of LinkedIn, entrepreneur and highly successful business leader, Yuhannes shows us how a few simple steps can help us use our LinkedIn profile to add value, differentiate ourselves from our competition, and network to build meaningful connections online.

I learned a lot, and plan to listen again to pick up every tip he shared.

Until then, here are three ideas I gained, and three strategies I plan to implement from Yuhannes Watts:

3 Ideas I Gained From Yuhannes Watts’ Brand Yourself As The Go To Expert In Your Field.

  • Value – My title, summary and overall profile need to be written from a value perspective; what value I provide for my clients
  • Staying Current – This is not a static profile; it needs to updated and changed and testimonials, photos etc.. need to remain current
  • First Impression – Be selective and ensure that my photos, videos, publications really reflect who I am and what I stand for, as this is the first impression I give my clients and prospects

Three Strategies I Plan To Implement From Yuhannes Watts’ Brand Yourself As The Go To Expert In Your Field.

  • Rewrite – my title and summary from a value perspective. Mine say what I do, not what I provide and can do.
  • Update – wow this was huge for me, as I have let my testimonials, experience etc, become outdated. I need to update my entire profile and keep it current.
  • Brand Me – I need to pay more attention to what I post, and what I promote, and think again about what I want my clients and prospects to gain from this, and what I want my brand to be.

Thank you again for listening to The Client Connection. Be sure to join us for our next program set for February 24, 2015, when Kathleen Burns Kingsbury will interview Heidi Hanna, New York Times bestselling author of The SHARP Solution.

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