This week is all about getting down to business. Whether your September has included Dreamforce this week or you’re buckling down to a more fueled return to work on the ground at home, this is a busy and vibrant time of year that I just love. Here is my weekly Business Growth Roundup including articles and posts based on what’s trending and what I think is relevant. I’ve included 4 articles from some of today’s thought leaders and business growth experts. I hope you enjoy this week’s roundup!

nancybleekeThe New Sales Rep Ramp-Up: The 6 P’s for Onboarding Your New Employee Quickly and Effectively
Nancy Bleeke

What is your process for onboarding a new sales rep? How long has it been since you’ve revisited that onboarding process? Your efforts to get a new sales person up to speed will largely dictate how quickly they start producing. It doesn’t matter how effective they were in their last position. The sales revenue that they bring in for you is directly proportional to the quality of the onboarding that you provide them kicking off on their start date. Nancy poses some extra questions in this article that work in checklist form for hiring managers to refer to ensure the best training for their new hire. Her “6 P’s” for new sales reps is on point: Practicalities. Philosophy. People. Product. Playbook. Performance. This is a great article that I think anyone involved in hiring sales reps should read.

Content is king, but only if the kingdom is listening
Matt Heinz

Great title, and a great point. Are you writing content for somebody? Your content might be great, but there’s no point in writing it if you’re just talking to yourself. Know your intended audience. Make sure that you’re giving them something that they actually care about. And I think the most important point made in this little blog post is that your writing needs to have a purpose; it needs to drive action. We need to keep all of this in mind so that we can amplify our target audience, and the whole point is that building that audience should eventually lead to revenue.

JBlack_72dpiSaleswomen Don’t Need to Be Tech Gurus to Sell Technology
Joanne Black

All right ladies, I’d like to know what you think of this article. How much tech do we actually need to “know” in order to be successful? Do you agree with Joanne’s article? I think she makes an excellent point here. Sales isn’t necessarily about being the absolute expert in an area. There are product experts who take care of the nitty gritty. We should feel more confident in our sales ability and that’s what this article is all about. We can be knowledgeable and helpful without being experts. More importantly, we are excellent relationship builders. That is essential to the sales process. It doesn’t matter that technology is still be a male-dominated industry. That doesn’t mean women aren’t welcome in most companies. We have an advantage in our role in sales and that is that many clients find women less intimidating than men. Do you agree with that thought? Or are we making generalizations that are too sweeping?

Cold Calling is Dead, Thanks to Linked In
Ken Krogue

The gist of this article is really that cold calling (as we know it) is dead. Or as we ken.krogueknew it. Maybe you’ve already made the shift. Ken’s point is this: “LinkedIn is the single most powerful sales information tool on the planet. It makes it so you don’t have to cold call … ever!” It’s a really terrific article. Ken explains that if you use LinkedIn properly, then your calls – when you make them – won’t be “cold” at all, and that should make your sales process that much easier. The idea is NOT to use LinkedIn in any spammy kind of way. Quite the opposite. Spam-like approaches will not help you with your sales. Use it to make connections and warm up the sales process. Ken is urging us to think about the entire process different and he calls it warm calling, not cold calling. This is a really great article and I hope you’ll take a few minutes to read it. Please, let me know what you think!

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