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Jump-Start Your Success in Today’s Economy With an Executive Mastermind

Today’s economy is full of challenges. The cost of doing business is going up. Fewer employees have to take on more and more work, leading to burnout, disengagement, loss of productivity—and loss of profits. Your customers demand more and more. Competition is fierce.

And—most challenging of all—your old reliable business tactics aren’t working anymore.

It all comes down to this—the economy has changed, and your strategies and team need to change with it. You need to find new ways to build your business. You need a new approach, so you can not only succeed in this economy, but make it start working for you.

In this Executive Mastermind, internationally certified coach, speaker and business growth expert Meridith Elliott Powell shows you how to turn the realities of this new economy to your advantage.

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Executive Mastermind Specific

In this 12 week session program you’ll join 11 other highly motivated, non-competing leaders who are motivated to take their companies to new heights. This Mastermind is part skill development, part networking and part coaching—designed to get you results!

Topics covered:
  • How to create a culture of ownership and employee engagement at every level—boosting innovation, productivity and profitability

  • How this economy has changed, and what you need to do to stay competitive in today’s market

  • Why and how your customers have changed, and how customer engagement and experience are the key to your success

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“Meridith takes the time to understand the unique dynamics and needs of each organization with whom she works. She connected with my sales team immediately, and then very concisely illustrated professional, common-sense approaches. She understands that successful companies don’t stop selling at the sales department—it’s a philosophy that permeates the entire organization.”

—Chuck Walker, Vice President Sales & Marketing – Silver-Line Plastics

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Sales Accelerator Mastermind

Open More Doors, Close More Sales With a Sales Accelerator Mastermind

Face It – The rules have changed and selling today is different! Customers demand more. Sales cycles are longer. Competition is stronger. And getting above the white noise is darn near impossible. Sales success today means committing to increasing your sales skills, ability to strategize and execute.

You need to set clear goals, stay radically focused and build a powerful sales muscle. You gotta learn to: network like your life depends on it; make connections that easily open more doors; proactively add value that deepens and expand current relationships ; activate your volunteers sales force and blow past your goals!

If that sounds like the sales person you want to be, then joins us for Sales Accelerator Mastermind. The sales program that will ignite your passion for sales and put you in a position to leave your competition in the dust.

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Sales Accelerator Mastermind Specific

A powerful six-session program designed to build your sales skills, develop strong sales focus, and master the secrets of selling today.

Mastermind Includes:
  • Six Power-Packed One-Hour Sessions

  • Personal Sales Accelerator Program

  • Six Innovative Sales Training Sessions

  • Two Individual Sales Coaching Calls

  • Personalized Coaching and Q & A

  • All Recordings and Downloads To Share and Reuse

Session Breakdown:
  • Session one – The deep-dive session to that creates your master sale plan. Together we determine your sales plan, set your goals and determine your focus. This session sets the tone and builds the foundation that positions you for major success. By the end of this first session you will know exactly where you are headed, and you’ll have the roadmap that will get you there!

  • Session two – Our first check-in, and that is what we do we check-in. We build the first of our five powerful, innovative sales skills. Through rounds and updates, we start the process of focus. How are we doing against goal, what is working and what is not. Then we personally adjust your sales plan and take it to another level.

  • Session three – Half-way through the year and it is time to take a first full-debrief. Showing you the art of consistent sales growth. We will jump in and share the secrets of innovative sales strategy number three, developing a depth of sales knowledge that separates you from your competition. Then again, we personally adjust your sales plan and take it next level.

  • Session four – At this point we see that you have not only met your sales goal for the year, but you are well positioned to blow past it. To ensure you do, we use this session to bring out the skills and techniques you need to make fourth quarter the MOST powerful of the year. We jump into innovative strategy number four and show you how to keep the sales momentum high and the new customer flow strong even as we head into the holiday season. Last but not least we personally adjust your sales plan and take it next level.

  • Session five – This session starts in the middle of fourth quarter when most of your competition is taking their foot off the gas. In this session, we show you exactly how to keep your foot on it and the peddle pushed all the way to the floor. This session is critical and worth the price of admission. Selling in fourth quarter is tricky that is why most sales people do not do it. However, the better you master this sales skill the stronger you will finish the year while positioning you to come out of the gate strong in first quarter of the next year. This session leaves you with the knowledge you need to decrease your stress and increase your results.

  • Session six – In this session we take some time to celebrate! Because if you have done the work, attended the sessions you have just had your best sales year ever. So now it is time to get you in position for the next year. Before you take time to enjoy the holidays and spend much needed time with family and friends, we want to have your plan and your focus set for the following sales season. Get ready in this session to take all that you learned in our first five sessions and from your own sales success, and put them into an even stronger sales plan for the following year.


$97 per session

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