4 Business Coaching Packages To Choose From

Custom and individual coaching programs designed for CEOS, C-Suite Professionals and next level leaders. Areas of focus include Business Growth, Strategy, Leadership and Sales. These coaching programs are one-on-one, individual coaching. They can also be offered in group settings.

All packages includes:

  • Assessments – can include any combination of the following – DISC, Strength Finders, 360s and Custom

  • Email – support and contact

  • Phone – unlimited support and contact

  • Recording – from sessions

  • Notes – from each session

Business Coaching Packages

Take your business to the next level.

Package 1

Strategic Focus Coaching Packages – two coaching sessions per month, 1 hour each
Success today is about so much more than business knowledge. You need to strengthen your business acumen, learn to be strategic and execute as if your life depends on it. In this package, we deliver all of that and so much more. Strategy, focus and implementation, as we develop your skills you increase your ability to deliver results! This package is a six-month program designed to take you to the next level and put squarely on track to achieving your goals and vision.

This package is for professionals or leaders looking to take their businesses and careers next level. Also for high potentials and graduates looking to define and take ownership of their career development.

Package 2

Sales & Business Growth Package – 2 coaching session per month, 1 hour each
To succeed at sales today you need to take your skills and your knowledge to a whole new level. This coaching package is all about business development and sales. How to develop a sales strategy, how to open more doors, build relationships and close more deals. This package is a six-month program designed to make you a sales master and position you to get above the white noise and leave your competition in the dust!

This package is for anyone, no matter your position, who needs to master the skills of selling. That means this package is for anyone in business today. The skills we share will blow your mind, and put your ability to sell on steroids!

Package 3

Executive Level Leader Package – 2 coaching session per month, 1 hour each
Leading people getting them to follow and igniting their passion yes that is what you have been charged to do. No easy fete, but with this package we get you more than able to deliver. In six short-months, we move you from manager to leader, and prepare you to master the tasks that will give you the greatest competitive advantage.

This package is for leaders challenged with creating ownership at every level to increase results at every turn. In this program, we share the strategies leaders need to create full team engagement. You leave with the information you need to build a team that is as passionate as you are about the customer experience and driving results!

Package 4

Your Custom Package – 2 session per month, 1 hour each
Not sure which one to choose? You don’t have to, let’s jump on the call and design your custom package. Yes it is true – coaching is all about you. Together we can discuss what why you are exploring coaching, what you want to gain and then develop a package that is right for you.

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