>In the real estate world they say the three most important things are location, location, location. In sales it is attitude, attitude, attitude! If you love what you do, love your product or service, and love sharing it with others then turning your prospects into customers is a much easier sell!

When I go into to train, coach or develop strategy with a sales team, the first thing I gauge is the sales leaders attitude and level of enthusiasm. If the leader is not passionate, excited and motivated about their product and selling in general, than how can I possibly expect the sales team and the prospects to be excited? Attitude is always the place to start. Get your attitude right and the rest will fall into place.

To sell you have to engage; to engage to you have to communicate; and to communicate you have to connect. If you want to close more sales then you need to ensure that connection is positive, upbeat and enthusiastic. If you want your prospect to buy, then you must convey your pride, excitement and confidence about your product or service.

Attitude is vital to the sales process, and the great thing about that is that attitude is completely controllable. Sure it may be more of a struggle for some than others, but at the end of the day you have a choice whether you are positive or negative. Whether you infuse energy or deplete it.

Remember, buying is emotional. People buy products or services based on how they feel. Certainly the features, facts and statistics play a role, but it is the emotional connection to the sales person and the product or service that moves the prospect to action. So how do you convey the right attitude?

First you have to have the right attitude. Do a gut check and get real with yourself. Are you positive and upbeat? Do you believe in your product and does it show? What specific things do you do or say to get your message across. Ask yourself, if and how often you smile. Smiling – like attitude – is contagious. Increasing your smile factor will increase your likability and increase your ability to connect with your prospects. A great attitude makes you likable an approachable, two important elements if you want to turn your prospects into customers.

Second, analyze your words and your body language. Are they positive and are they benefit driven? Asking family and friends for feedback here is crucial. Often, we do not even realize the negative or sarcastic undertones our speech or body language convey, and asking others their observations and opinions can make a big difference. Relaxing your ego and taking their advice will make the difference. Those minor adjustments can go along way in delivering the right attitude.

Third, what is the talk going on inside your head? If you are like most people it is pretty negative. Why is that? Why do we spend all day telling ourselves negative things, don’t we have enough challenges? So, work on your “head talk” and routinely increase the number of positive messages rolling through your mind. That “head talk” will translate into positive conversations, body language and compliments to your prospects. Thought dictates action and action dictates outcome. It all starts with what is going on in our heads.

Fourth, if you want a positive attitude you need surround yourself with positive people. Now that seems simple doesn’t it? For many of us, the need to help, feel sorry for or commiserate with others is a constant distraction. A distraction we cannot afford if you want to be good at sales. My favorite quote (which has become my mantra) is “you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” If you want to be positive and upbeat, if you want to convey energy and enthusiasm then don’t hang out with negative people. It really is that simple. If the individuals you spend time with are positive, upbeat and energetic, then you cannot help but be that way too.

Attitude is so important in sales. You can spend money for the best training, hire the best coaches, sell amazing products and still struggle to meet your sales goal. If you adjust your attitude, increase your enthusiasm and master the art of conveying confidence about your product you’ll find it easy to turn your prospects into customers!