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6 Biggest Business Challenges For 2021

1. Mastering Virtual Connection

While at some point, YOU will be able to engage face-to-face, virtual will remain an option that clients and team members will want. You need to invest in mastering the art of virtual relationship building and connection.

2. Fading Culture

With teams working from home and in different geographic locations, maintaining company culture and what makes your organization unique and successful will remain a struggle through 2021. You need to learn new ways to create and nourish company culture.

3. Economic Instability

Stimulus packages, a vaccine, rising COVID cases, industries hit hard, and a global economy all mean that 2021 will be another challenging year. Though the economy is expected to improve there are a lot of variables that could negatively or positively impact recovery. You will need a focused and flexible way to navigate this economy.

4. Uncertainty & Change

The number one challenge you’re facing today is uncertainty. The pace of change will actually increase as you move into 2021. You need a process to control change rather than change controlling you.

5. Engaging Prospects

Attracting and engaging new business in a virtual world will expand as you move into 2021. You’ll need a process to understand what will drive prospects to you and motivate them to choose you over your competition.

6. Customer Control

Increased competition, a global marketplace, and a highly educated buyer is drastically changing the buying cycle. Your customer is in control of when they buy, how and who they buy from. You’ll need to redesign, redefine, and reinvigorate your sales process.

Yes, 2021 promises to be a challenging year, but it does not mean it cannot be YOUR best year on record. We’ve got your back, and the strategies you need to navigate all of this change successfully.

Our 9 Step Formula For Thriving In Uncertainty

This is actually MORE than a strategy, it is formula. A set of steps that work together, and when done in order have a compounding affect that gives you what you need to turn uncertainty to your competitive advantage. To learn more join us on January 28th at Noon EST for a DEEP DIVE program on this formula and how to immediately execute your plan.

1. Relentless Vision

Get crystal clear and hyper-focused on where you are going and what it is going to look like.

2. Condition Yourself For Change

Start driving change rather than change driving you.

3. Competition to Collaboration

Turn competitors into partners that drive your business forward

4. Know your core

Using your core values to ensure you make decisions that maximize your time, resources and move your business forward.

5. Secure Your Base

Your existing customers hold the keys to extreme growth and new business in an uncertain marketplace.

6. Build Your Network

The solution to every challenge or obstacle your facing lies within your network.

7. Strengthen Your Team

Your greatest competitive advantage, one of the few you have left, lies in the power of your team.

8. Shed Fast & Keep Moving

Know what is working, what is not, and how to let go to increase productivity and profitability.

9. Rinse & Repeat

This formula is active. To success you need to use it, apply it, and activate it over and over again.

Gold Certified Business Growth Strategist – Meridith Elliott Powell

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