In today’s market everyone seems to be worried. Worried about finding a job, worried about keeping a job, and worried about how to get ahead in an already overcrowded market. Unemployment rates are at an all time high, more new businesses are failing and the economic outlook changes so often that to call it uncertain seems like an understatement.

Sounds depressing! Well actually it is not. When you look closely it isn’t that companies aren’t hiring, it is not that companies aren’t promoting, and it is not that companies are not working hard to retain employees. Theses companies just know that in competitive environments they need the best people on their team if they are going to succeed.

So who are the best people and what are they looking for? What do they consider the qualities of today’s must keep employees?

1. Attitude – Companies are looking for people who are positive, grateful, and quite frankly fun. Ask yourself do I fill people with energy or do I deplete them? Are you someone others strive to be around? Control your attitude and your control your life!

2. Ownership – Approach your job not like a job but like it is your company – your business. Just like you  want to be associated with a successful company,  employers want to be associated with successful employees. Companies know that  in order to move forward, take care of their clients and earn a profit they need people who won’t pass the buck. Those that care about the customers, about the company, and people who are dedicated to helping the company successful. The need people with ideas, opinions and drive.

3. Relationships – If you want to become the employee companies strive to keep then build relationships inside and outside of the company.   The more people you know , the more people you help, the more succcessful you will be. It is a proven fact.  Research proves all things being equal (background, education, and skill set) those who are better connected, those who know more people, achieve higher levels of success.

Today’s market may be tough, but understand you are in control. By becoming the employee that today’s businesses strive to keep, you’ll become the one driving your career and your future!